28th edition of the Concours International des Produits Biologiques et en conversion

It is one of the largest and most important tastings for organic products in France.
From 150 to 200 expert jurors--professionals in the sector and enlightened amateurs--participate in this Competition, which is known for its rigour and its marking method.

A showcase for organic farming, this independent competition is recognised by professional organisations in organic farming sectors. It is a communications tool that defends, promotes and highlights all organic products. Participating in the competition helps give the organic approach a positive image in the minds of consumers.

Highest standards of tasting rules

At the Concours International des Produits Biologiques et en conversion, wines, beers and spirits are awarded medals after a rigorous selection process with high added value. Buyers and consumers both profit from the high standards of the ISO-9001 certified competition.

Blind tasting guaranties impartiality, and the job of tasting is entrusted to professionals (sommeliers, oenologists, wine merchants, beer sommeliers, distillers, etc.) and enlightened amateurs selected by the director of the Competition. The event also takes place at an exceptional site that is specially equipped for judging samples under optimal conditions. Last but not least, an intuitive, innovative marking scale helps judges finely assess the organoleptic qualities of samples.

Publication of wines in the ‘Guide des vins Bio 2024’ (Guide to organic wines 2024)

livre guide bio
Wines that are registered and awarded in the competition can be included in the Guide des vins Bio 2024.

About the 2024 guide
This selection guide strives to enlighten consumers by providing a maximum of information on organic wines. We hope this approach encourages greater transparency, incites future regulations to indicate what exactly is in the bottle, and provides wine merchants, fair organisers, the press and all decision-makers with an example of the most detailed information possible.
Pierre Guigui
Guide des vins Bio 2024 (Guide to organic wines 2024)

Available in bookstores in 2023
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Available in the French network of bookstores, e-bookstores, supermarkets and specialised superstores.

About Pierre Guigui
Pierre is a journalist and author. He has written, co-written, or directed the publication of around 30 works at Gault Millau, Marabout, la Martinière, and Apogée publishing houses. He is a founding member of the Movis press association and creator of the Concours International des vins bio (known as Amphore). He organises the Buvons Terroirs fair in Paris and contributes to the ‘Pantin Boit Bio’ fair organised by the city.

- Producers must complete an information sheet to accept inclusion in the guide.
- Awarded wines can be published in the guide.
- Producers may buy the work before it is available to the public, with a discount coupon, on the website: https://www.bbdeditions.fr

The founder

Pierre Guigui

Pierre Guigui

An encounter with the creator of the Concours International des Produits Biologiques et en conversion

Pierre Guigui is a man with many interests and passions. One to which he is very committed, and keen to communicate to others, is his love of wine and wine-growing.

He has a Professional Certificate in agri-wine operations from the agricultural education centre (CFPPA) in Beaune, France, and has put his writing and tasting skills to work for the Gault & Millau wine guide as co-editor and author. He also co-wrote the Vins, Vignobles et Vignerons and Marabout des vins bio guides, and manages the ‘Le Savoir Boire’ collection at Apogée. This collection includes works focusing on wines, beers and spirits.
Pierre Guigui also enjoys meeting people in the wine sector: he has worked as a consultant for the Concours Général Agricole and several fairs. He trains tasters-jurors and is a member of the board of directors of Movis (the wine world’s press association).

An early proponent of organic wines, Pierre provided producers with a perfect showcase when he created the Concours Amphore des produits biologiques competition in 1996. Tasting and awarding the best organic products is clearly the best way to highlight their qualities and follow their progress over time. With his diverse experience as a foundation, Pierre was able to imagine and organise a competition that would rapidly win the recognition of wine professionals, producers and consumers alike.

He has now entrusted organisation of the competition to Armonia, so that he can dedicate more time to new projects. It is with great pride, and a commitment to environmentally sound production, that we have accepted the task of continuing his work!

Marketing tools


The competition awards two distinctions: Gold and Silver medals.
Thanks to the competition’s international fame, products bearing its medals are prized by restaurant owners, buyers and importers from across the world.
We have kept the cost of medals low to avoid increasing the bottle’s cost price.
From €10 per thousand.

More information
Metal plates
Metal plates

Metal plates are wonderful marketing tools, enabling to show consumers that your products have won medals and that they are recognized as among the best in their categories.
Put them on the tasting room wall and display them on your stand at trade fairs!

More information

Each award-winner is given a diploma to guarantee traceability of the award-winning batch.
It certifies that the sample was judged in its category and awarded on the basis of its organoleptic qualities.

Website referencing

The list of award-winners is displayed on the competition’s website for all to see.
Throughout the year a web team uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make sure web pages on the award-winning products are well-placed. The goal is to improve their rank in results returned by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
A product that is well-referenced in search engines helps make producers better known and can rapidly bring new contacts.

Organoleptic analysis

After the tasting, you receive a complete organoleptic analysis of your sample (appearance, aroma, taste, harmony) along with competition averages, to evaluate your sample’s position with regard to competitors.