Trophies for the best organic products or products in conversion


A competition in France, with the highest quality of tasting: samples from all over the world are tasted by an international jury composed solely of tasters who are experts in the organic sector. The Armonia group, with its 30 years of experience in organising wine, beer and spirits competitions in Europe, guarantees optimal tasting conditions.

A competition open to all wines, beers and spirits that are organic, or in the process of conversion to organic, from anywhere in the world.

A competition dedicated to organic wines


Tasters are the cornerstone of the Competition. Each sample is blind-tasted by an international jury of experts, and marked on the basis of international sensorial analysis criteria.


The competition is authorised and supervised by the DGCCRF. It is also ISO 9001-certified. For producers and consumers, this is the sign of rigorous selection.


After the tasting, you receive a complete organoleptic analysis of your sample (appearance, aroma, taste, harmony) along with competition averages, to evaluate your sample’s position with regard to competitors.


Pierre Guigui, the competition’s founder, journalist and former editor at Gault et Millau, help make the competition more widely known.


The competition uses its extensive network to communicate results directly to the main decision-makers: buyers, sommeliers, restaurant owners, importers, journalists for the specialised press.


Many tools are made available to you: Metal plates to hang up at your site, medals to affix to your products, award certificates to send to clients, award-winners on the competition’s website (to increase your internet visibility), the competition’s social networks, etc.


uits Biologiques et en conversion:  The best organic products in competition

uits Biologiques et en conversion: The best organic products in competition

Published on 2024-01-31

The Amphore competition was created in 1996 by Pierre Guigui. Its goal was to promote and encourage the development of organic production in France and across the world. It is the unmissable event for all organic professionals: with 763 samples presented in 2023, it offers a unique showcase for organic and biodynamic products! The 28th edition will be held on Wednesday May 15th, 2024 in Lyon. This international competition welcomes jurors from across the world to taste and mark wines, beers and spirits of all horizons. Their common denominator is the implementation of cultivation techniques contributing to the enhancement and preservation of the terroir. At the end of the competition, a "Grand Jury" will elect the Best Organic Products of the World from the best rated gold medalists. An increasingly successful competition. The organic or biodynamic production is constantly increasing and many estates are in the process of conversion. The competition allows French and international or...