The best organic wines in competition!

Published on 2022-02-01
The Amphore competition was created in 1996 by Pierre Guigui. Its goal was to promote and encourage the development of organic wine production in France and across the world.
It is the unmissable event for all wine and organic professionals: with 550 samples presented in 2021, it offers a unique showcase for organic and biodynamic wines, and wines in conversion!

The 26th edition will be held on Monday May 9th, 2022 in Paris.
This international competition welcomes jurors from across the world to Paris to taste and mark wines of all horizons. Their common denominator is the implementation of cultivation techniques contributing to the enhancement and preservation of the terroir.
The best wines in each category are awarded a Gold or Silver Medal. At the end of the competition, a ’Grand Jury’ tastes again the medal-winners with the highest scores to reward the World Best Organic Wine.

An increasingly successful competition.
Producers of organic or biodynamic wines now represent 14% of the French market, and many vineyards are in the process of conversion. The competition allows French and international organic wine market players to have the wines tasted by a jury representing a panel of consumers, to confront other competitors, and to renew consumer confidence in award-winning wines.

Philippe Faure-Brac, Honorary President of the competition.
Philippe Faure-Brac, President of the Union de la Sommellerie Française since 2016, and World’s Best Sommelier 1992, will put his expertise at the service of the competition in his capacity as Honorary President. Ambassador of the competition through the media and his profession, he also has the role of reminding tasters of the need to be demanding, rigorous and impartial.

Under control tasting.
All samples will be tasted in compliance with very strict hygiene measures, the competition regulations and ISO9001 certification.
The assurance of rigorous selection and organization is a guarantee of quality and trust for consumers and wine professionals.